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2018 Summer Cycle B Music
New Obligatory Memorial announced for the Monday after Pentecost each year (date will move as Pentecost moves): “Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.”
CLICK HERE for all the pertinent information and rubrics for the celebration.

“Chime Master Systems” has tower bells for sale! Click here for more information.

Lent & Easter 2018 Planning Guide – FDLC

2018 LPA Cuarema y Pascua

2018 NPM Convention: “Praise, Grow, Serve”

2018 Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness & Misal Romano

TeamRCIA: The Job of the RCIA Coordinator

2018 March FDLC Newsletter

2018 FDLC April Memo from Rita

Music Workshop for Latino/a Music Ministers-June 2, 2018 – Music Workshop, etc. – St. Cloud

July 15-18, 2018 - National Conductor Summit - Chicago


September 2017 Evangelization Exchange (Paulist) – highlighting Formation of Missionary Disciples:

The Vital Role of the Eucharist in Forming Missionary Disciples


Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities © 2017 USCCB


Rediscover the Mystery of the Eucharist with Dr. Brant Pitre in Lectio: Eucharist

2018 Music Planning Guide: Lent-Pentecost


Policy page 30-31 Faculties: Holy Eucharist 

Newsletters from Bishop’s Committee on Divine Worship (BCDW)

2018 January/February Topics:
- Introducing the Misal Romano, Tercera Edición for the U.S.
- 3 Publishers to Produce U.S. Misal Romano
- Catechetical Resources for Misal Romano
- FDLC Workshops for Misal Romano, including Sept. 4 in St. Paul
- CDWDS – Order of the Dedication of a Church and an Altar
- Feb. 2018 Meeting of Subcommittee on Divine Worship in Spanish
- 4 Publishers to Produce Excerpts from Roman Missal ­(Book of the Chair)
- Approval Process for Liturgical Music Settings of the Order of Mass