Diego House Retreats

Purpose and History of the Diego House

With the generous gift of the estate of Fr. Jerry Felion, a priest of the Diocese of Crookston, the Diego House has come to be a place of rest for Diocesan guests, candidates for the diaconate, and retreatants seeking to draw close to Christ, his Holy Mother and the life of the Church. 

What is now the Diego House has served many purposes in the life of the Church of Crookston. At its origins the elevated portion of the south end of the Diego House served as a work room for a substantial greenhouse which jutted out. The north end served as a custodian's workplace along with a three-stall garage. Later, it was transformed into the studios of Catho-Comm, a diocesan communications office under the direction of Fr. Jerry  Noesen which, among other things, produced the TV series called: "Real to Reel." Continuing the building's communications purposes, it later become the home of the office of the diocesan paper, the OND, and also served as a center for the Office of the Word and Diocesan Catechetical Resource Center.

The recently refurbished Diego House has five bedrooms with eleven single beds. [For retreats, it is preferred that each retreatant has her/his own bedroom, though at the retreatant’s request exceptions can be made.] Guests share two private bathrooms which each have a tub/shower combination. Bedding and towels sets are provided for Diego House guests. Individual items, like shampoo, soap, etc., are to be brought by each guest. There is a small commons area for visiting, when appropriate. The Diego House has a small kitchenette which includes a sink, a dorm-sized refrigerator and a small microwave. For Diego House retreats, designated commons areas within the adjacent Chancery building will be available for reading and relaxation; and the Bishop’s chapel will be the site of conferences as well as the group and individual prayer times. Meals will be provided to retreatants in the Chancery kitchen and dining room. The Diego House and Chancery are located on 23 acres of beautiful wooded grounds on which to pray and meditate. 

AJ Garcia

Director of New Evangelization & Justice
218-281-4533 ext. 439
Email: agarcia@crookston.org

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