Unlike the other benefit plans, the diocese does not bill parishes for pension plan premiums. This is because the pension premium is based on the employee’s actual earnings, where the other benefits are based on the employee’s estimated annual wages.

The parish pays their monthly pension premium by submitting a Compensation for Participating Employees form (commonly referred to as the pension report) along with a check for the amount of the premium.
The pension report and payment are due by the tenth of the following month; for example, July’s report is due by August 10.

Instructions for the Compensation For Participating Employees form:

The parish’s location number goes in the upper-right-hand corner. This number is different from the parish’s diocesan number. If you don’t know your pension location number, contact James Clauson.

The top part of the form asks for the parish name, city and state. It also asks for the month covered by the report.

In the grid in the middle section, you report the Social Security number, name, and total earnings for the month for each full-time employee.

The earnings reported are total earnings, not taxable earnings (the two may be different if the employee has pre-tax deductions).

At the bottom of the grid, it asks for the “Total”; this is the total of the compensation column.

Multiply this total by 6.5%, and place that figure on the next line; this is the amount of the parish’s pension payment for the month.

Sign and date the form and send it in to

James Clauson
Diocese of Crookston
PO Box 610
Crookston MN 56716

along with a check for the amount of the pension payment. The check should be made out to the Diocese of Crookston.