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St. Michael’s School, Mahnomen, renames scholarship in memory of Sr. Yvonne Schafer

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Mahnomen, MN -- The St. Michael’s School Adopt-A-Student Scholarship was recently renamed in memory of Sr. Yvonne Schafer, principal of St. Michael’s School from 1990 to 2008.  The scholarship program will now be called the Sr. Yvonne Schafer Memorial Adopt-A-Student Scholarship.

During her tenure at St. Michael’s School, Sr. Yvonne Schafer was known for leading with a kind heart and unwavering strength. In her first year as principal, Sr. Yvonne led the school through its first accreditation process, a time of self-study for a nonpublic school to assess its strengths and weaknesses in an effort to maintain high standards of excellence.  St. Michael’s School was successful in this endeavor under Sr. Yvonne’s leadership and has maintained accreditation status since 1991.

Sr. Yvonne Schafer believed that every child deserved the opportunity to receive a Catholic education, regardless of the family’s financial ability to pay tuition. In an effort to make that happen, the Adopt-A-Student program was started at St. Michael’s School in 1997. For more than 20 years, the scholarship program has utilized donations received from alumni, parishioners, and community members to offset the cost of tuition for families who request funds and can demonstrate a financial need. In recent years, students have received up to 75% of their tuition through the Sr. Yvonne Schafer Adopt-A-Student Scholarship.

Sarah Chalich, Principal of St. Michael’s School, commented, “Our Mission Statement says what Sr. Yvonne’s scholarship program offers generations of students:  ‘In the presence of God, St. Michael’s School provides a nurturing environment, academic excellence and spiritual growth in order to prepare children to live wisely and serve faithfully’. … I invite all who may be interested in attending St. Michael’s School or wish to receive more information about the affordability of St. Michael’s … to contact me at 218-935-5222.”

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