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St. Mary’s Mission Appeal video wins prestigious award at ICSC conference

By Katrina Genereux/Staff Writer, OND

The Diocese of Crookston’s 2016 St. Mary’s Mission Appeal video won a prestigious award at the International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) conference held Sept. 17-20 in Atlanta, Ga. ICSC is an organization that promotes theology, best practices and innovations in stewardship within the Catholic Church.

The video debuted in parishes last November as part of the St. Mary’s Mission Appeal. It features photos and video of students at St. Mary’s Mission School and messages from Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner and Father Jerry Rogers, Pastor of St. Mary, Red Lake. It was produced by Ad Monkeys, an advertising agency located in Grand Forks, N.D.

Reathel Giannonatti, the Director of the Office of Stewardship and Development, worked with the agency to create the video. She accepted the Award for Excellence in Stewardship Videos – the ICSC’s highest award for video marketing materials – on behalf of the diocese. The 6.5 minute video was played for more than 1,000 conference attendees during a luncheon.

“It was so much fun for me to see Bishop Hoeppner and Father Jerry Rogers – the stars of the video – speaking on two gigantic screens on either side of the banquet hall,” Giannonatti said. “No one left as the video played. The room was hushed and people were simply captivated and so touched by the story of our mission school at Red Lake.”

“When the video was over, my tablemates at the conference who were from the UK were weeping,” Giannonatti said. “I think the Catholics who watched the film loved it because it showed us at our best. The film showed the good work that we do, who we are as Catholics and who we strive to be as Christians.”

The video will be replayed in parishes of the diocese the weekend of Nov. 18-19 to announce this year’s St. Mary’s Mission Appeal.

“Ten minutes with the children at St. Mary’s Mission School will convince you that there is no better place to share what we have than with these wonderful kids,” Giannonatti said. “Expectations in learning and conduct are high at St. Mary’s Mission even though home life may not consistently support either.”

Giannonatti said the children at the school are treasured by Father Rogers and the staff.

“Sustaining an environment where hope and life skills have an opportunity to grow is the most important thing we can do as servants of our faith. Some of these kids will no doubt be the leaders of their people one day. Could there be any better way to invest in their future?,” asked Giannonatti.

To view the video or make a donation online, visit www.crookston.org/smma.

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